Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pepper, stuffed by cottage cheese.

1 kg of sweet pepper
300 g cottage cheese
2 eggs
300 g a tomato
80 ml of vegetable oil
The Parsley, salt

To clear pepper of fruit stems and seeds, cottage cheese to mix with eggs, half of cleared and crushed tomatoes and finely cut parsley. Pepper slightly to salt from within and to fill with the prepared mix. Stuffed pepper to lay on oiled baking tray, laying between them slices of tomatoes. To water with oil and to bake in an oven at the moderate temperature.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Meat salads. Tuscan salad with a string bean.

4 strips of a smoked bacon
250 g a green string bean
400 g string beans
400 g a red string bean
175 g cut on quarter small a tomato
3 spoons of an olive oil
1 spoon of red wine vinegar
2 spoons granular mustard
2 spoons of a fresh basil.

To fry on a grill bacon up to a crisp, then to cut it on small slices. To finish to boiling a greater saucepan with salty water, to add in it a green string bean and to cook up to softness. To merge and wash out under cold water. To connect a string bean to bacon and to add the string bean and tomatoes. To add all the remained components, to mix and at once to serve.

Meat salads. Simple meat salad.

200 g meat
4-5 pieces of a boiled potato
2 cucumbers
100 g green salad
1/2 glass of mayonnaise

Boiled the meat or broil, the cleared boiled potato and cucumbers to slice, combine in a dish, having added mayonnaise, salt and vinegar, then all to mix, combine in salad-dish in the form of a hill and to decorate leafs salad, cuted in circlets cucumber and slices of meat.

Meat salads. Salad from a melon and feta with a ham.

Some thin slices of a ham
Plugs of salad
8 sprigs a basil and mint
100 g feta
The slice of a melon or a water-melon

For sauce:
Finely cut segment of garlic
2 spoons of chopped walnuts
2 spoons of an olive oil and sesame oil
100 g soya sauce.

To fry garlic and nuts on a frying pan, to add sesame oil, then soya sauce and lime-juice. Sauce to mix and cool. Is thin to chop salad, to cut on cubes a feta. To lay out in a plate all over again a melon, atop of it a ham and cheese, then the salad mixed with greens. To sauce. To serve with toasts from a white loaf.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Microwave. Peach pie with cottage cheese.


For the dough:
1 glasses of a flour,
1 teaspoon of a citric dried peel,
3-4 spoons of a butter,
2 spoons of ground almonds,
1 egg,
3 spoons of sugar,
1 bag of a baking powder,
Salt - to taste.

For a stuffing:
3 eggs,
50 g cottage cheese,
1 glass of sugar,
1 bag of vanilla sugar,
1 bag of a vanilla pudding (in a powder),
8 halves the tinned peach.

To sift a flour, to add a dried peel of the lemon, the softened butter, almonds and 1 egg. Carefully to knead a dough before reception of homogeneous weight and for 30 minutes to put in a refrigerator. The form for a pie to grease with a butter, to strew almonds and densely to lay a dough, having raised it on edges, having made frequent apertures a plug. To cover the form with a double leaf of parchment, to put on the turned plate and to bake in a microwave within 3-4 minutes at full capacity. At the remained eggs to separate fibers from yolks. Yolks to pound with a butter, sugar and vanilla sugar in foam. Gradually to add cottage cheese and a powder pudding. Fibers with salt to shake up in dense foam and to add to them of cottage cheese weight. A stuffing to lay out on a dough and from above to lay halvess peaches. To bake a pie within 25-27 minutes in a microwave at average capacity. A pie to take out from the form, only after cool it.

Microwave. Onions soup in Italian.

1 litre of a chicken broth
An onions napiform - 6-7 pieces
3 spoons of an olive oil
1 teaspoon of a flour
Salt, red pepper and a parsley - to taste

In a chicken broth to cut 1-2 segments of a lemon onions, to add an olive oil and spices. To prepare in a microwave in the closed utensils at full capacity of 3-4 minutes. A flour to dissolve in cold water and to add in soup. Well stir, that it has not turned out комков. Soup to heat up 1 more minute at the same capacity.

Мicrowave. Sandwich with chicken salad.

250 g boiled chicken meat
8 rich rolls
1 bunch of a celery
120 g cheese
2 items of the spoon of mayonnaise
A lemon juice
Salt to taste

Boiled chicken meat to cut fine cubes. To meat to add as the cut cheese, to fill with mayonnaise. To add greens, a lemon juice and salt to taste. To cut rolls, to remove pulp and the released space to fill with salad from chicken meat and cheese with greens. To prepare in a microwave at full capacity of 2-3 minutes. Sandwich with chicken salad to serve hot.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sauces for salads.

1 abrupt yolk
1/2 spoons mustard
Сalts and to pepper to taste
1/2 teaspoons of sugar to put in a cup to add are swept away a little and to pound properly.

1. With sour cream.
1 abrupt yolk, 1/2 spoons mustard, salts and to pepper to taste, 1/2 teaspoons of sugar to put in a cup, to add are swept away a little and to pound properly; to add other sour cream (about 1 glass) and to add gradually 2 table spoons of vinegar. To mix, serve to various grades of salad.

2. With a salad oil.
To pound 1 abrupt yolk, 1/2 teaspoons of sugar, salt and pepper to taste. When the yolk is pounded as follows, to put in drop by drop, all time pounding, 3 table spoons of a salad oil and as much vinegar. Тo serve.

Sauce "Piquant"

This sauce very sharp, moves to hot, demanding sharp taste.

To roast finely chopped up onions, to pour in 2 spoons a tomato-mashed potatoes, to fry, that mashed potatoes has let out from itself oil, to pour 2 spoons of a flour and to dissolve with a broth up to appropriate density. If sauce moves to a fish to plant with a fish broth. In this sauce various vegetables are put: olives, champignons, marinaded cucumbers, etc., by the one who that loves and that is available in a cash. Salt and sugar are put to taste; if it will appear dense - to dissolve with a broth.

White sauce.

Moves mainly to the boiled hen with fig.
Prepares also as the sour creams sauce, gets divorced a broth in which the hen cooked; to put the spoon of sour cream, it is a little sugar, juice from under a lemon who loves - a few caraway seeds.

Sour creams sauce.

For 1 portion:
50 g (0.1 lb) sour creams, 5 g (0.01 lb)flours.
Half of sour cream to boil; in the remained sour cream to dissolve the flour preliminary dried in a wind case. To connect to hot sour cream. It is good to mix and to finish to boiling, to filter.