Monday, October 30, 2006

Microwave. Peach pie with cottage cheese.


For the dough:
1 glasses of a flour,
1 teaspoon of a citric dried peel,
3-4 spoons of a butter,
2 spoons of ground almonds,
1 egg,
3 spoons of sugar,
1 bag of a baking powder,
Salt - to taste.

For a stuffing:
3 eggs,
50 g cottage cheese,
1 glass of sugar,
1 bag of vanilla sugar,
1 bag of a vanilla pudding (in a powder),
8 halves the tinned peach.

To sift a flour, to add a dried peel of the lemon, the softened butter, almonds and 1 egg. Carefully to knead a dough before reception of homogeneous weight and for 30 minutes to put in a refrigerator. The form for a pie to grease with a butter, to strew almonds and densely to lay a dough, having raised it on edges, having made frequent apertures a plug. To cover the form with a double leaf of parchment, to put on the turned plate and to bake in a microwave within 3-4 minutes at full capacity. At the remained eggs to separate fibers from yolks. Yolks to pound with a butter, sugar and vanilla sugar in foam. Gradually to add cottage cheese and a powder pudding. Fibers with salt to shake up in dense foam and to add to them of cottage cheese weight. A stuffing to lay out on a dough and from above to lay halvess peaches. To bake a pie within 25-27 minutes in a microwave at average capacity. A pie to take out from the form, only after cool it.

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