Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Meat salads. Salad from a melon and feta with a ham.

Some thin slices of a ham
Plugs of salad
8 sprigs a basil and mint
100 g feta
The slice of a melon or a water-melon

For sauce:
Finely cut segment of garlic
2 spoons of chopped walnuts
2 spoons of an olive oil and sesame oil
100 g soya sauce.

To fry garlic and nuts on a frying pan, to add sesame oil, then soya sauce and lime-juice. Sauce to mix and cool. Is thin to chop salad, to cut on cubes a feta. To lay out in a plate all over again a melon, atop of it a ham and cheese, then the salad mixed with greens. To sauce. To serve with toasts from a white loaf.

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