Thursday, October 26, 2006

Medallions from a fish.

А fish - 1 pound
6 small rolls
Oil - 2-3 items of the spoon
Sour cream - 1/4 pound
A flour - 1 item the spoon
Mushrooms, a lemon, spices.

Fish to clear, cut, cut thin mugs and slightly them to beat off, having given the oval or round form. To salt, pepper to roll in in a flour and to fry. Medallions to put on round slices of the fried white loaf (it is better to use small rolls). From above to put the fried mushrooms, are a little swept away. It is a little to water medallions oil and juice of a lemon, to strew grated cheese and on to put in an oven. To serve a hot.

Delicious sandwich 3. Cottage cheese, bread, sour cream, salt, a tomato-mashed potatoes.

Cottage cheese
Sour cream
The Tomato-mashed potatoes

Cottage cheese to pound, add sour cream, to salt and knead, add a tomato-mashed potatoes. To smear a slice of bread with a layer of cottage cheese, from above to decorate with a strip of cheese and a slice of a tomato.

Delicious sandwich 2. Cheese, a butter, bread, slices of any fruit.

Тhe Butter
Slices of any fruit

Smear a slice of bread or a toast with oil and stack a slice of cheese. Decorate with slices of fruit.

Delicious sandwiche 1. Toast, butter, cheese, tomato-mashed potatoes.

A butter cheese
A tomato-mashed potatoes

Toasts to smear with oil, to put a slice of cheese. To pound half-and-half a butter about a tomato-paste that oil was pink, and to lay out on cheese a figured hill, to strew grated cheese.

Sandwiches with tomatoes and cucumbers.

On a round slice of the roasted bread to put a semicircular slice of a tomato and a cucumber.
The cut bread to roast on a butter before formation of a crisp but that bread has not been dried.

On a round slice of the roasted bread to put a semicircular slice of a tomato and a cucumber. The tomato and a cucumber should make a full circle.
The middle of a circle to decorate with mayonnaise and a parsley.