Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Meat salads. Tuscan salad with a string bean.

4 strips of a smoked bacon
250 g a green string bean
400 g string beans
400 g a red string bean
175 g cut on quarter small a tomato
3 spoons of an olive oil
1 spoon of red wine vinegar
2 spoons granular mustard
2 spoons of a fresh basil.

To fry on a grill bacon up to a crisp, then to cut it on small slices. To finish to boiling a greater saucepan with salty water, to add in it a green string bean and to cook up to softness. To merge and wash out under cold water. To connect a string bean to bacon and to add the string bean and tomatoes. To add all the remained components, to mix and at once to serve.

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