Sunday, November 12, 2006

Soups. Dense vegetable soup.

800 g vegetables (for example, a siliculose string bean, a peas, kohlrabi, broccoli)
2 potato
400 g a beef
1 bulb
2 spoons of a butter
50 g a ground oats
1 litre of a vegetable broth from cubes
1/2 bunches of a parsley
Ground black pepper, salt.

Vegetables to cut small slices. The potato to clear and cut cubes. The onions to clear and cut fine cubes. A beef to wash up, dry and cut narrow strips. A butter to warm up in it up to a transparency onions. To add vegetables and slightly to fry them. To pour in a broth. To pour an oats, to finish to boiling. To add a potato with meat and within 20 minutes to cook on weak fire. A parsley to wash up, shake off water and finely to cut. To season soup with spices and to strew a parsley.

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