Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chicken noodle soups. Recipe no. 1

Chicken meat with bones - 100 g
Water - 250 ml
Carrots - 15 g
Onions - 5 g

Chicken meat together with the split bones should be washed under a jet of cold water. Also use giblets(except for a liver). To put in a saucepan and to fill in with cold water. Quickly to finish to boiling. Then to remove from a surface foam and to lower fire. Foam, and also emerging fat to remove by skimmer or by the spoon. For half an hour before the termination of cooking add carrots, an onions, roots of a parsley, a celery, cleared, washed out and cut by large slices, and salt. A ready broth filter. Duration of cooking - 1,5-2,5 hours at weak boiling.

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