Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dietary dishes. Salad from rice with sweet pepper.

1 glass of rice
6 pods of sweet pepper
200 g the tinned green peas
2 tomatoes
2 spoons of juice of a lemon
2 spoons of vegetable oil
Black ground pepper, salt - to taste

To touch and wash out rice, to boil it in a plenty of the boiling added some salt water up to a friable condition. To cast away rice on a colander, to wash out a jet of cold water and to put to be dried. Sweet siliculose pepper to wash out, clear of seeds and to cut lengthways on strips. To add rice, the green tinned peas without juice, to salt, pepper, fill with vegetable oil and juice of a lemon, to mix and lay out in salad-dish. To cut tomatoes circlet and to decorate with them salad.

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