Monday, November 13, 2006

Creams. Ice cream

Creams. Creamy cream.

530 g a butter
300 g powdered sugar
200 g the condensed milk
10 g brandy or sweet wine, vanillin.

A butter to soften and shake up. To add in oil the sifted powdered sugar, vanillin, brandy or the sweet wine, the filtered condensed milk and to shake up 15 more minutes before formation of homogeneous oil weight yellow- white color.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chicken noodle soups. The chinese chiken broth.

Components (7 glasses; 1,75 litres): 0,5 hens;
1 split pork shin
4 slices gingery a root
4 cut plumelets of a green onions
1 items the spoon of the chopped parsley
8 glasses of water.

Preparation: Place all components in a greater saucepan, fill in with water and finish to boiling. Remove foam. Reduce fire, cover with a cover and cook on slow fire 3 hours. Filter a broth in a sieve, covered a gauze, and leave before full cooling. Store in the closed utensils in a refrigerator or freeze in the small portions.

Chicken noodle soups. Recipe no. 1

Chicken meat with bones - 100 g
Water - 250 ml
Carrots - 15 g
Onions - 5 g

Chicken meat together with the split bones should be washed under a jet of cold water. Also use giblets(except for a liver). To put in a saucepan and to fill in with cold water. Quickly to finish to boiling. Then to remove from a surface foam and to lower fire. Foam, and also emerging fat to remove by skimmer or by the spoon. For half an hour before the termination of cooking add carrots, an onions, roots of a parsley, a celery, cleared, washed out and cut by large slices, and salt. A ready broth filter. Duration of cooking - 1,5-2,5 hours at weak boiling.

Soups. Cream soup from a strawberry.

A strawberry - 1 cup
Starch - 1 teaspoon
Sugar - 1 spoon
Sour cream or cream- 1
Spoon water - 300 g (2,5 glasses)

Berries to touch, wash, rumple, to fill in with hot water and to cook 5 minutes. To cool and wipe. In the received mashed potatoes to add sugar, water and to finish to boiling. Then to pour in the starch dissolved by cold water, to allow to begin to boil and cool. In a plate to put the remained whole berries, to pour in soup, to put sour cream or cream.

Soups. Dense vegetable soup.

800 g vegetables (for example, a siliculose string bean, a peas, kohlrabi, broccoli)
2 potato
400 g a beef
1 bulb
2 spoons of a butter
50 g a ground oats
1 litre of a vegetable broth from cubes
1/2 bunches of a parsley
Ground black pepper, salt.

Vegetables to cut small slices. The potato to clear and cut cubes. The onions to clear and cut fine cubes. A beef to wash up, dry and cut narrow strips. A butter to warm up in it up to a transparency onions. To add vegetables and slightly to fry them. To pour in a broth. To pour an oats, to finish to boiling. To add a potato with meat and within 20 minutes to cook on weak fire. A parsley to wash up, shake off water and finely to cut. To season soup with spices and to strew a parsley.

Soups. Soup from beans

On 500 g beans:
500 g a potato
1 piece of a parsley or carrots
A celery
1 head of onions
1 spoon of fat

In the boiling added some salt water to lower the potato cut by segments. In 10 minutes to add crushed roots and the onions, slightly fried on oil (it is possible to use pork baked fat instead of oil). Beans to put them in boiling soup, to fill to taste with salt and to boil thoroughly 10 minutes. On a table to serve, having strewed the crushed greens.